Historical Events

During the opening season various (historical) events are organized, such as the Knight’s Tournament, the Dutch Day of the Castle, Archeology Days and Halloween.

In the first weekend of the season: Stamboomweekend (Pedigree Weekend), with the official opening of season 2019 by Mayor Frank Dales on Saturday. Besides a number of knights, including the unfortunate Knight John, and their followers, some other historical members of the Brederode family will be present in and near the castle. Like William van Brederode, who has had Brederode Castle built, Henry II the Big Beggar and the powerful Lord Joan Wolfert. Yolanda de Lalaing, the last occupant of the castle, will be there together with her son Walraven II. William’s granddaughter Catherine and Brechta van Rolland, the wife of William’s illegitimate son, will be present too. They will tell who their distant royal descendants are.
You can ask questions to Rob Hubert from (Dutch) about the pedigree of the Lords of Brederode and who knows, maybe you are descended from them as well!
For children there will be a fun bat search tour: how many ‘bats’ do you count and where did they hybernate this past winter?

When: 2 & 3 March 2019, Saturday from 11.00 am until 5.00 pm, Sunday from 10.30 am until 5.00 pm.
Admission: € 5,-, children 0-3 years free of charge.


Regurlarly during the opening season concerts are given in the castlegarden or, by bad weather, in the cozy donjon by the cracking fire.

Every first sunday of the month,  with the exeption of May and August, the Sunday Concerts take place.
Time: 11 am – 12 noon. Admission € 5,-, children 0-3 years free of charge. Afterwards the hat goes around for the artist(s). You can make reservations via regio Haarlem.

On March 3rd 2019 the first Sunday Concert will take place with a performance of Altegaer. The admission includes the activities of the Pedigree Weekend.
The band:
Marita Kruiswijk and Marian Nesse (accordion, bass and vocals)
Narda Kaandorp (harp, accordion and vocals)
Louis Stortelder (dance and vocals)
Hanneke Koek (violin, bass and vocals)
Frank Edam (guitar, accordion, dance and vocals)

Their programme “Een wereld van Weleer, Wijn, Wind en Water” ( A World of Yesteryear, Wine, Wind and Water) starts at the very beginning of written music and then makes a journey through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age to our time. A journey that starts in the Low Countries, but eventually the whole world will pass… a musical pedigree!

Ruïne Bewoond

Some medieval residents of Castle Brederode come to life this year and will be present at the castle for a number of weekends. These can be the nobles, but also the craftsmen of the castle. They walk around in their medieval clothes, having a chat with the visitors, help with the catering or do some other work. The dates are listed on the Kalender 2019 (Dutch).

Exhibition Torture Instruments

The exhibition ‘Torture Instruments’ can be seen in the upper room of the donjon of Castle Brederode. The re-enactment group ‘Knights of Camelot’ had lent this special collection of (Medieval) torture instruments, like the Judas cradle or the guillotine.

We advise parents to visit this exhibition only with children over 8 years of age.





What is the name of this torture instrument?*

Guided tours

During the opening season tour guides will be present at a regular basis. Most tours are in the Dutch language. If you ask the guide he or she will translate, but it depends on the guide.
Also, monthly children’s tours are given in Dutch by Angie the Storyteller or Rob the Castleguard. The next children’s tour is on Sunday 31 March 2019 at 2 pm. Reservations via regio Haarlem.

Admission: € 5,-, children 0-3 years free of charge.





Guided tours on request

The tours are for groups from 8 to 15 people per tour guide. Per requered tour guide € 50,- extra is charged on top of the regular admission price. Please contact us if you want to request a guided tour.

Please note that during the tour there are several steps and spiral stairs.

Candlelight Lectures

Lectures by candle light and cracking fire in the donjon of the castle. Mind you: these lectures are given in the Dutch language!

On Thursday evening 14 March 2019, Carla van den Berg will give a lecture about the eventful life of Yolanda de Lalaing (ca.1422-1497). Yolanda was the wife of Reinoud II, the 9th Lord of Brederode. After the death of her husband she was exiled from Batestein Castle, the residence of the Brederode family at that time, and went to live in the half rebuilt Castle Brederode. She became the last occupant of the castle.

The lecture is from 7.30 pm to 10 pm with a break in between. The door is open from 7 pm. Admission: € 7,50. Reservations via regio Haarlem.

Other activities

The (private) activities below are only during the opening season. From November to the end of February the castle is closed.

Exhibition about the 18 Lords of Brederode
In the former storage cellars of the castle are panels with information (in Dutch) about the history of the Lords of Brederode.

Exhibition Archeological Finds
Below in the chapel tower is a small exhibition of objects from earlier times, found around Castle Brederode. A scale model is there as well, which gives an impression of how the castle may have looked like.

Event location
The garden, the courtyard or the donjon with fireplace; they are wonderful places to organize a concert, festival or other events. Contact us for more information.

Wedding location
Castle Brederode has been designated as an official wedding location by the municipality of Velsen. It is a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony, reception or wedding photo’s. Contact us for more information.

Children’s parties
The castle is an exciting place for children’s parties. You can arrange this party yourself or you can leave it to us to organize it for you. For more information see the page ‘Kinderpartijtjes‘ (Dutch).
Contact via

Schoolgroups are also welcome at Castle Brederode. More information can be found on the page ‘Activiteiten voor scholen‘ (Dutch).

Cycling and walking tours
Castle Brederode is located on the edge of the dunes of the province Noord-Holland. Many hiking and cycling tours go along the castle. It offers an ideal place for a coffee- or tea stop. See the tourist sites on ‘Interessante links‘.

If you have other ideas for an activity, please contact Rob Kortekaas, one of the managers.

T 06 12412092 (between 9 am and 6 pm, other hours in emergencies only)

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